Hello. My name is Heather Kelly. Born and raised in PA. Now living and photographing in TX. SAHM (stay at home mother) of 3 WONDERFUL boys!

B.S. in Psychology (King's College)
M.S. in Elementary School Counseling (University of Scranton)

Since childhood I've had a passion for photography (and people, particularly children, hence the expensive & time consuming degrees). I've worked hard at teaching myself both the photography skills and technical skills (editing, software, PC, etc) necessary to produce breathtaking images.

I have always had an unstoppable love for photography and in 2012 my husband and I began to take a few leaps. I am driven by my lifelong passion and my goal is simple...life is beautiful! It's also ever changing. It should be photographed so that we will forever have the memory and documentation of all of the beauty that surrounds us at this moment in our lives. Everyone should have beautiful photos of themselves and those that they so truly love. For this reason, I do my best to keep my rates reasonable. I offer simple packages that I hope will meet the needs of all.

Please feel free to email me for more information at fatedmemoriesphotography@gmail.com and visit my Facebook page for current happenings and frequent updates www.facebook.com/fatedmemoriesphotography